Arthur Weissbach GmbH Maschinenfabrik – founded in 1924

The company was founded in Fulda in 1924 by Arthur Weissbach. The beginning was mainly repair orders, due to the strong textile and candle industry in Fulda at that time. Soon the first special machines for candle production were developed.

For two centuries, the city of Fulda was the most important location for candle production in Central Europe. When Arthur Weissbach founded his company in 1924, the growing candle industry had a great need for specialized machinery.

The large wax factories have slowly disappeared from Fulda over the past 75 years, but the company Weissbach has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment for candle production.

What we do

Since more than 90 years we are a reliable partner for the candle industry. We are one of the world's leading companies in this field. Every day, we develop and produce machines that meet the individual requirements of our customers. A pledge and at the same time a challenge, which we gladly accept.

We can offer solutions for almost every candle shape and output, whereby our strength is in the development and adaptation to individual customer needs. On all five continents our products have a high reputation.

We are member of the following associations of the candle industry