Drawing systems and wick paraffining

For this purpose we offer all further processing machines up to packaging:

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Continuous drawing machine


Technical Details

For the production of continuous candle strands:

  • with air cooling or with water cooling
  • for white or solid colored candles
  • up to approx. 40 m candle strand/min
  • diameter: 10 mm to 28 mm

Special extras:

  • fully automatic operation with creep speed switching in case of thread breakage
  • wick end alarm
  • temperature and speed display

A complete line also includes a cutting and milling machine and, if necessary a color dipping machine, as well as packaging machines.

Candles to make

Wick paraffinizing machine


Technical Details

Small drawing machine for waxing wicks up to Ø 2.8 mm.

Ideally suited for further processing in production lines for the manufacture of tea lights, burners or votives.

  • Standard diameter of the wick for this approx. Ø 2 mm.
  • Wick is wound onto drums for further processing
  • Output: up to 3,000 m/hour

Candles to make

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