Stamp presses for pillars, ball candles, votives, cores, waxy articles

Equipment for pressed candles and with wick and without wick.
Hydraulic presses with accessories, with dipping machine etc.
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Stamping press and dipping machine

Flexible line for pillar candles, egg candles, ball candles, floating lenses and votives

Technical Details

Hydraulic stamping presses in various designs with 4, 6, 8, 12 or 13 stamps.

Diameter up to 100 mm, length up to 300 mm. Variety of shapes possible.

Colour dipping machine in full-electric design. Various parameters can be conveniently adjusted via touch display and saved as a recipe.


  • Weighing system and automatic readjustment of the powder quantity.
  • Wick withdrawal as burn-through protection
  • Cleaning station for ball candles and floating lenses

Candles to make

Hydraulic press line for large pillar candles

Technical Details

Flexible presses for large pillar candles, with center wick, or for 2, or 3, wick candles, for cylindrical, square and profiled candles, as well as for ball and egg candles. Equipment:

  • Dialog guided control  
  • Memory of candle parameters,
  • quick tool changer
  • Wick length monitoring

Design variants:

1 tool up to ∅ 200 mm
2 tools up to ∅ 150 mm
4 tools up to ∅ 100 mm

Candles to make

Pressing line for maximum flexibility

Technical Details

Possible options:

  • Heated pressing tools, optimized for high pressing pressures when pressing alternative raw materials, and at the same time suitable for pressing candles with minimum possible weight.
  • Preselection of up to 4 candle lengths in sequence (Advent wreath packaging).
  • Preselection of up to 6 colors, thus full flexibility. A certain number of candles in pre-selected lengths and colors can be produced alternately in cycles. Perfect for display packaging where candles need to be color sorted.
  • Depending on your needs, candles can be produced with wicks pressed in, or with wick holders.

Candles to make

Electric rotary press

Technical Details

Small powerful rotary press for continuous pressing of smaller candles such as tea lights, maxi lights, sacrificial lights, refills , votives and candle cores for placement in filled jars.

  • The electric drive makes the machine energy efficient, space saving and quiet.
  • Optional vacuum suction cup for paraffin powder available.
  • Ideal also for linking with core inserter.

Candles to make

Powder drums

Technical Details

We supply powder production equipment in various sizes and designs. The cooling drum can be optimized for the production of colored paraffin for easy cleaning.

The cooling drums, overturned on the outside and therefore 100% round, are made of stainless steel as standard.

  • Capacity : 100 kg to 1.200 kg / hr.
  • Heating : steam, hot water or electric

Candles to make

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