For all types of candle production, we also offer the appropriate accessories for the machines: for powder production, for wax melting, heat exchangers, basins for manual dipping, sorters feeding containers, cups and lids, etc. Contact us.

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Powder drums

Technical Details

We supply powder production equipment in various sizes and designs. The cooling drum can be optimized for the production of colored paraffin for easy cleaning.

  • The cooling drums, overturned on the outside and therefore 100 % round, are made of stainless steel as standard.
  • Capacity: 100 kg to 1.200 kg/hr.
  • Heating: steam, hot water or electric

Candles to make

Color dipping basin, water dipping basin, lacquer dipping basin

Technical Details

Especially as equipment for dipping machines we offer basins in different widths and lengths.

  • Color dipping basin heated
  • Water dipping basins for cooling the candles
  • Lacquer dipping basins in different designs depending on the lacquer and candle

Melting basin, storage basin

Technical Details

Execution of the basins in different sizes and number of chambers.

  • Indirectly heated by electric heating rods in oil bath, with temperature control and safety thermostat
  • Alternatively heated with hot water or steam
  • Optionally with wax pumps in various designs, plus filters, float switches, lids, etc.

Sorter for tea lights, maxi lights in aluminum and PVC, for sacrificial lights, grave lights and lids

Technical Details

We offer a variety of rotary sorters depending on the task in different diameters, as disc sorters or centrifugal sorters.
In addition, suitable filling hoppers with pneumatic transport system or belt conveyors to the sorter.

Candles to make

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