Packaging machines

We offer a variety of packaging solutions for tea candles, taper candles, pillar candles, rustic candles.
You can determine the degree of automation, from single machine to interlinked robot cell. Enclosed are some examples:

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Packaging line for tea lights as block or in tray with foil sealing

Technical Details

Fully automatic line with robot. This makes it very flexible when changing over to other packaging formats. From pure block packaging only in film, can also be packaged in trays after a short changeover.

  • Different packaging patterns can be realized, from 1 up to 5 layers, from single color up to 6 colors per package
  • Also for maxi tea lights and special shapes, in aluminum or plastic cups

Candles to make

Packaging line for taper and household candles in trays

Technical Details

First, trays or boxes are formed from flat blanks using a erector and glued. The packages that are open at the top are placed on a conveyor system of the packaging machine. The packaging robot picks up the candles according to the sorting and then places them in the tray. The packages are then closed or glued, or sealed in film in a form-fill-seal machine and then shrunk.

According to the suction tool, candles of different sizes (e.g. tree lights as well as taper candles) can be packed.

Candles to make

Erector for trays and boxes

Technical Details

The flat blanks are taken from a magazine with vacuum, erected in a rotary star wheel, glued with hot glue and placed on a conveyor belt.

The machine is equipped with its own vacuum pump. The cycle time is infinitely variable.

The tray erector is versatile and can be quickly converted to other formats via tool sets.

Candles to make

WRP 300
Automatic roll packer

Technical Details

The roll packer wraps cylindrical candles in foil. Wide range from Ø38 mm to Ø100 mm, candle length 70 mm to 300 mm. The machine can be loaded manually or interlinked with pillar line or milling machine.

The foil can be shrunk by hot air at the head and foot of the candle. Alternatively, the head can be twisted. The machine works with different film thicknesses and types (e.g. also with composite film).


  • Gluing of the twister
  • Label dispenser side
  • Label dispenser bottom
  • Straightener station for downstream conveyor system

Candles to make

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