Filling equipment for jars, blisters, grave lights, tea lights, rustic candles

Filling of containers requires many sub-steps: Loading containers, wicking, filling with wax or slurry, finishing, milling, drilling, packaging.
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W-LWFST 1350

Precision filling of wax

Technical Details

This unique filling system weighs the jars before filling and during filling. The intelligent control technology allows the jars to be filled to the gram. The filler does not sit on the cooling conveyor, but stands in front of it. The system picks up the jars from a pickup position and pulls them onto scales. The filling nozzles for each glass can be controlled separately. The jars are filled precisely and each filling process is documented and stored.

Candles to make

Equipment for pasty filling

Preparation and filling of slurry

Such a system consists of a set-up table, wick inserter, piston filler (here with 16 pistons), and subsequent cooling conveyor and labeling.

Technical Details

The material preparation consists of our proven scraped surface heat exchanger (scraper cooler) and highly accurate temperature control. This makes it possible to adjust the process parameters even for critical materials. This turns liquid wax into a pasty, creamy filling compound. If required, the mass can also be foamed with air.

  • Special design allows filling of 2 colors at the same time into one jar
  • Similar design also adjusted for grave lights

Candles to make

Poured pillars and rustic candles

Flexible and economical

Production line for pillar candles with glossy or matt (rustic) surface, consisting of push-on and positioning station, filler, push-off station, demolding station, milling and wicking machine and labeling.

Technical Details

Special designs:

  • Pressed candle blanks are automatically inserted into pouring molds and filled on cooling conveyor belt
  • Filling of a poured shell with slurry (wax foam) with piston filler
  • Mixing of color and fragrance only in the filler, for flexible and cost-effective color and fragrance changes
  • Wicking with and without wick holder, alternatively fixing with wax
  • Optional mold cleaning

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FLT 15009
Table filling machine

Start-up to productive filling

Technical Details

Flexible system for filling any type of container.

Jars or candle molds are placed on a table. A centering system helps to arrange the jars on the table according to the distance of the filling nozzles. The filler is mobile and automatically cycles to fill from one row of jars to the next.

The number of fillings can be preselected, as well as the different filling volumes per filling.

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