Dipping carousels for taper candles, 
household candles, twin candles

The best quality is still obtained by candle dipping!
Our carousels make this process economical in various levels of automation.
Candles with a handmade look, the highest, consistent quality at the most economical manufacturing costs.

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Automatic dipping carousel for taper candles

Technical Details

Semi-automatic dipping carousel for white, solid colored or color dipped candles.

  • The line is modular so that, depending on the requirements, lines can be supplied in different performance levels and degrees of automation. The control system is fully electronic with program memory for the different candle sizes and shapes.
  • The picture shows a wick frame winding machine, a loading trolley for loading and unloading the carousel, a dipping machine with 7 stations, and a storage trolley with finished candles.
  • Candle length: 120 mm to 460 mm

Candles to make

Manual dipping carousel

Technical Details

Manual dipping carousel for dipping taper candles.

  • Manual production method
  • The machine has a modular structure. Different basins can be set up according to requirements: wax dipping basins, water cooling basins, cone melting basins and color dipping basins.
  • As accessories we offer wick frame winding machines, in manual or semi-automatic mode of operation.
  • Suitable for small quantities and safe work, for example, in workshops for the disabled.

Candles to make

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